Nori Seaweed – The Low Calorie Superfood from the Sea

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Nori seaweed typically comes from the beautiful shores of Japan, where high quality nutrition is deeply ingrained into their culture. If you’ve ever had sushi, chances are you’ve had a taste of Nori without even knowing it!

What’s so great about Nori Seaweed?

Nori is a delicious little snack that redefines the work “low calorie”, so listen up dieters! Nori can aide in weightloss in a number of ways. First, it has lots of vitamins and minerals, among those are things like taurine and vitamin B12, sound familiar? Those are two of the main vitamins present in many popular energy drinks, but nature delivers it without the unnatural quantities of caffeine and sugar. You should feel notably more energized and won’t struggle to stay awake throughout the day. Additionally, Nori has as little as 10 calories per serving! No fats or simple carbohydrates in this snack!

Sounds like some pretty great stuff! What else can it do for my body?

Nori is loaded with fiber and protein, in fact 30-50% of its dry weight is protein, and much of the rest of it is fiber! Studies have shown that Nori is also quite effective at modifying your glycemic index (GI). When eating with white bread, the control group has glucose peaks from the 30 minute mark to the 60 minute mark prior to eating the bread, but when a subject ate Nori with the white bread, their glucose was slightly elevated until the 2 hour mark, when it returned to normal. What this means is that Nori will ensure nutrients are absorbed into the body evenly over time, keeping you full longer, and giving you nice smooth, stable, and clean energy throughout the day.
It is also loaded with other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B-12, vitamin A, calcium, iron, potassium, and sodium. These play an active role at regulating your metabolism, keeping your skin, eyes, teeth and bones healthy, and the iron ensures oxygen is readily distributed throughout the body. Lastly, the sodium and the potassium aide your body in disbursing fluids to all the muscles and joints. This prevents cramps and dehydration. Nori seaweed really is one of natures finest products.

  • Jill

    Hi Marshall,

    My two girls love Nori (ages 5 and 8) they eat sheets of it! But I’ve not given it to them of late because I am still worried about the earthquake in Japan/radiation leakage from the nuclear reactor there and its effect on seaweed. Do you think its safe to eat?

    • Marshall Sontag

      The Japanese people are very clean and fastidious. I would expect that they wouldn’t be consuming or exporting anything that was unsafe to eat. Now China is a different story!

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