Red, White And Blue Superfoods!

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Strawberres & Garlic - Delicious Together?

From HuffPo, a fairly lackluster, lukewarm article on superfoods:

Here’s 12 of the top July superfoods and — because everything is better with a theme — we’ve kept ‘em all red, white and blue. For the most part.

Their list includes the following:

  • Watermelon for lycopene (what, no citrulline mention?)
  • Tomatoes, again for lycopene. (lots of people are sensitive to tomatoes)
  • Strawberries for antioxidants, manganese and antioxidants. This one’s pretty good. Strawberries are in the top 10 fruits for ORAC levels, a measure of antioxidant capacity. But what about Vitamin C?
  • Raspberries, for vitamin K and magnesium. They don’t mention, but it’s also a Vitamin C powerhouse.
  • Lychee, for Vitamin C. This isn’t exactly a superfruit. Tasty, though.
  • Garlic, because of a “chemical that helps relax blood vessels and increase flow.” This is because garlic contains polysulfides, which causes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) to be released from red blood cells. This lowers blood pressure, which is great for the heart. Garlic is great stuff.
  • Jicama, for fiber. They’re stretching a little now, but I guess the theme is red white and blue foods. Not a lot of white superfoods… or are there? How about onions? Do bananas count?
  • White Peaches. See Jicama. ;)
  • Blueberries – On every superfoods list ever made. Yes, it’s an amazing nutrient-rich superfruit that has shown tons of benefits of a multitude of studies. Buy them often!
  • Blackberries – Fiber and antioxidants. Zzzz…
  • Figs – Vitamin A, B6 and, of course. fiber.
  • Eggplants – Has a powerful antioxidant called nasunin. But it’s not red, white or blue. It’s purple? What’s it doing here?


via Red, White And Blue Superfoods!.